Spinal manipulative therapy or manual therapy, combines moving and jolting joints, massage, exercise, and physical therapy. It's designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function.

This approach can use high velocity thrust HVT movement but only if the therapist see's this is this best option it is not a chiropractic service.

Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation
55 min- £40.00


Sports massage is a deep and more intense massage, involving stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques similar to Acupressure and Shiatsu. This treatment is not just for the sports person; anyone can benefit. Occupational, emotional and postural stress may produce many similar characteristics to sports injuries.

Sports Massage
​50 min - £40.00
35min- £35.00
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Gymnastics Massage is a unique table-based assisted stretching technique that works to release tight connective tissue, muscles and fascia through a series of movements to achieve optimal flexibility, strength, performance and pain relief.  This evolutionary pain-free system focuses on opening up the joints and stretching the fascia.

Gymnastics Massage
​50 min - £50.00
35 min- £40.00


A wide range of other electrical stimulation waveforms. Therapeutic voltage and current waveforms may be applied to a wide range of conditions with successful outcomes. These include acute and subacute traumatic and inflammatory conditions, chronic rheumatoid and arthritic conditions, and for pain relief. Galvanic output may also be used for iontophoresis – the movement of drugs through the skin under the influence of a steady electrical voltage. Some drugs are absorbed through the skin very slowly and iontophoresis may be used to accelerate the process.

Combination Therapy
55 min- £40.00


Deep tissue massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. It uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or "knots".

Deep Tissue Massage
​50 min - £40.00
35 min- £35.00
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This type of Acupuncture aims to deactivate sore muscular knots that can create chronic pain within the body (trigger points). It stimulates the local healing processes of unbalanced tissues, reduces inflammation and decreases pain to restore proper function. Medical Acupuncture is an excellent complement to the manual work of massage and as the needles are inserted just for a few minutes it can be easily incorporated within a Sports Massage treatment.

Medical Acupuncture
35 min- £40.00

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